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May 10 2010

Charlie Pierce…We Knew You For Such A Short While

Oh Charlie, we really didn’t have a chance to get to know you.  Rita and I met Charlie almost two years ago at a RV park in Orange Beach, Alabama.  Charlie was the “top dog” at the RV park.  Whatever Charlie did was perfect…whenever Charlie did what he did was perfect timing…and Charlie could never do any wrongs.  Charlie’s “parents” were blinded by all of the love and companionship that Charlie gave them.  Carl and Jane acted as silly as they could be over Charlie because they loved him so much.

I was so saddened to hear from Carl this week about Charlie’s passing.  Carl sent me the following message about Charlie.  He lived to the fine ole age of thirteen and his “mama and daddy” will miss him always.  Charlie, we just knew you for a short while.  Farewell to you little “doggie” friend.


For those of you who really know us, you know how important Charlie was to us and our life.
One of the reasons we got into anything including RV’ing was so Charlie could travel with us and we could spend more time with him.
I’m sorry to say, Charlie passed away tonight about 9:45PM. 
Charlie had been fighting congestive heart failure and was on a large number of drugs and was fighting a great battle with breathing and his over all heart failure.  He had fought a great battle and was such a great champion in his battle.  You know Charlie, always smiling, always wagging his tail and always the best behaved little fellow I’ve ever known.
Well, tonight when I let him out for his “Pee Pee” (more often now because of his Lasix pills) he went running out to his favorite fence post and a copperhead snake bit him somewhere and within 10 minutes Charlie had lost the battle and died in Jane’s arms.  We could not have saved him if we had been anywhere else, maybe though he wouldn’t have been bitten by a snake in many places other than out here.
In thirteen years I’ve never had a better friend and companion than ole Charlie.  We walked together; we talked to each other and in all parts of the US.  He was poisoned in Gulf Shores but recovered after a great battle and a lot of talented people at the University of Auburn Small Animal Clinic.  We got another 2 ½ years of Charlie that we probably should not have had.
Charlie walked all the golf courses with me I’ve played in the past 10 years and he had more golf manners than most humans I’ve played with.  He never tired, even in the greatest heat or the coldest of cold.  Charlie always met every person I ever met and most often people liked him better than me.  After all, he was a better person than I’ll ever be.
Charlie always loved all the people he met and I think most of the people that met him loved him in return.  I can learn a lot from that example and I will hold his manners and love of people as a true example of how to live and love people.
Its true what they say, “I only hope that I can become the person that my dog thinks I am.”
Charlie would have wanted me to share this with his close friends and I trust you understand our hurt and loss.  Charlie was like a child to us and yes,,,, we admit it and I think he knows just how we feel right now.
Never forget to say “I love you” even to your animals,,, they’ll remember it and it’ll make you feel so much better in tough times.
Charlie says thank you for being his friend.

CP and JP

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