May 03 2008

God Gives Believers (Just Like David) Five Smooth Stones

A summary of one of my favorite sermon messages appeared in The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN  on June 6, 1992.  I have carried a copy of this message in my Bible for the past 16 years.  The sermon, “God’s Select and Courageous Army”  was delivered by Pastor J.S. Ray of All Believers Faith Center in Memphis, Tennessee.  I want to share this message with you!


   After the Crucifixion, the followers of Jesus were devastated, disappointed and in despair.  After the Resurrection and the appearance of our Lord to His followers, a quiet assurance that He is alive began to take over their spirits.  This assurance empowered them!  They were ready to continue His work.

   They were weak, fearful and unlearned in their own power, but in Him they were to become conquering warriors.  They were the army of God, armed and dangerous, as He trained and directed them from victory to victory over sin, sickness, oppression or any attack from the enemy.

   As a local church, we are there to reach into our community and our nation.  We are here as a beacon to bring about a change.  We can and will, if we give ourselves to Him, submit to His training and direction. We are the army of God.  We are accountable for  changing the environment in which we operate.  We must win others to the Kingdom.

   God will take the weak and make them strong.  He is a great change-master.  God chose and anointed David, and David defeated Goliath.  David knew no weapon formed against him would prosper.  You, too, must know and operate in that knowledge.

   God chooses those who will hear and obey.  They are willing to give up personal interest and opt for Divine direction in every area of their lives.  Until we reach this point of yielding our desires, we are not ready for the army of God.  We will not make good soldiers.

   As an army, we must extend the territory of the Lord.  We must go and bring the drug addict, sinner, prostitute, the lonely…..As we gather wisdom and knowledge, our debts become fewer and fewer, our discontent is not as severe as it once was and our despair begins to lift.  We’re working with the change-master!

   David used five smooth stones to slay the giant.  We, too, have five smooth stones.  These stones will defeat any enemy.  Our sling must be FAITH.  Here are our five stones:                                                        Our first stone against any enemy is the NAME OF JESUS – use the name often!                                                 Our second stone is the WORD – use the Word.  Know what’s written in the Bible and where.                            Our third stone is the BLOOD – the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus, will cleanse you.                                                  Our fourth stone is the HOLY SPIRIT .  Be filled with the Spirit and overcome the enemy.                                   Our fifth stone is PRAISE AND WORSHIP  – know the power of praise, the necessity of worship.

   Take your weapons, wind them in the sling of faith, and let go!  The giant will fall – you will take his head and have it to show.  Take aim at drugs, sin, debt or anything that keeps you in bondage.  LET YOUR WEAPONS DEFEAT YOUR GOLIATH.


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