Aug 14 2008

How to Pray for America (and Website)*


Dr. Adrian Rogers said in this message that “Only prayer can hold back the floodtide of sin and God’s judgement and release the cleansing, healing hand of God”.   First, Dr. Rogers said we must “Pray with Serious Concentration”.  Please see Daniel 9:3 .  We are to pray sincerely with every inch of our being as individuals, as a church body, even as a nation.  But not just any prayer, it must be prayer and fasting. 

Secondly, we must “Pray with Sincere Confession”.  Sin brings judgement; confession brings forgiveness.  Daniel confessed his personal sin and the sin of his nation.  See Daniel 9:4-7 and Daniel 9:20.  If we want to see this nation turn towards God, it is vital that each person reading this go individually before God and confess personal sin.  See what He tells us in 1 John 1:9 .  There is no sin-none that is beyond God’s forgiveness.  Every sin is covered under the blood of Jesus.  Daniel also prayed for God to forgive the sin of a nation. 

Finally, “Pray with Spiritual Concern”.  Daniel’s concerns when he prayed were the removal of guilt and the restoration of glory.  See Daniel 9:16-19.  It is prayer time in America and for America.  See James 5:16.  Prayer is our greatest resource, and God is our only true hope.  Will you pray with Serious Concentration, Sincere Confession, and Spiritual Concern?


*”How to Pray for America Website”


So what is our responsibility to our Lord and to our country?  Now you can find a place to read information from key Christian leaders addressing the issue of our responsibility.  is a website designed to focus on this exciting time from a Christian perspective.  Check this website out and sign up to receive email updates on the contents of this site.  Will you join us in praying for America?



*This article was taken from a message given by Love Worth Finding Ministries with Dr. Adrian Rogers; August 2008 “Ministry Moments”

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