Jan 20 2010

January 20, 2010 – The Book of Isaiah! Self – Study Chapters 6-10

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Scroll of Isaiah

Isaiah is called to be a prophet…HIS Name is Wonderful!  Let’s begin our self-study of Isaiah.  Please click on the linkage to the Scripture and read the verses then we will summarize what we have learned.

Isaiah 6:1-13 Isaiah is called to the prophetic ministry in a dramatic encounter with the awe-inspiring Lord in the temple.   Isaiah’s encounter with the Lord is one of the most dramatic call experiences in the Bible.  In a vision, apparently while worshiping in the temple, he saw the Lord seated upon a throne.  Winged angelic beings known as seraphim surrounded the Lord and declared His holiness.  This moved Isaiah to recognize his unworthiness.  After his lips were cleansed by a hot coal, Isaiah accepted God’s call to the prophetic ministry:   “Here am I; send me” (verse 8).

Isaiah 7:1-25 Through the prophet Isaiah, God warns King Ahaz of Judah not to form an alliance with the Assyrians against other enemy nations.  Assyria will eventually become an instrument of judgement in God’s hands against His people.


Isaiah 8:1-22 Isaiah names his new-born son Maher-shal-hash-baz, meaning “fast plunder.”  This signifies that the nations that oppose Assyria will fall quickly, leaving other nations an easy target for the mighty Assyrian army.

Isaiah 9:1-21 Although dark days are just ahead for God’s people, He will eventually restore them by sending the Messiah, the Prince of Peace.  As the leader of a spiritual kingdom, He will become the heir to the “throne of David” (see verse 7; see 2 Samuel 7:1-17).

Isaiah 10 Israel (the Northern Kingdom), with Samaria as its capital, will be overrun by the Assyrians.  The people will be carried away as captives, but the Lord will preserve a remnant of His people who remain faithful to Him.

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