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August 18, 2010 The Book of Isaiah! Self-Study Chapters 25-31

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Please click on the linkage to the Scripture and read the verses then we will summarize what we have learned.

Isaiah 25:1-12 Isaiah 26:1-21   Isaiah 27:1-13

These three chapters are affirmations of hope.  Although God will judge and discipline His people, He will not reject them.  After they have been exiled among a foreign nation for a time, they will be restored to their homeland ( 2 Chron. 36:22-23 ).  This brings a song of praise to the lips of God’s people:  “Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength”  Isaiah 26:4

Isaiah 28:1-29 Isaiah condemns both Judah (Southern Kingdom) and Israel (Northern Kingdom) because they have turned away from the Lord to worship false gods.  He has harsh words especially for the leaders of these nations, who have led the people astray (Jer. 8:1-22).

Isaiah 29:1-24 A woe is pronounced against Ariel, or Jerusalem, “the city where David dwelt” (v. 1).  God is not impressed with those who flatter Him with words but refuse to obey His commands.

Isaiah 30:1-33 and  Isaiah 31:1-9 Through Isaiah the prophet, the Lord condemns the leaders of Judah who have formed an alliance with Egypt against the Assyrian threat.  They should be turning to the Lord instead for protection against their enemies.

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