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December 16, 2010 The Book of Isaiah! Self-Study Chapters 56 – 66

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The Book of Isaiah

Please click on the linkage to the Scripture and read the verses then we will summarize what we have learned.

Isaiah 56:1-12   God is bringing a new age of salvation for His people.  But He expects them to live as people who belong to Him, keeping His laws and practicing justice.

Isaiah 57:1-21   The Lord’s people cannot worship the one true God and participate in idol worship at the same time.  He demands their exclusive loyalty (Josh. 24:15).

Isaiah 58:1-14   True religion does not consist of observing rituals such as fasting and offering sacrifices.  The Lord honors such things as obedience of His commands and treating others with justice and fairness. (Amos 5:18-27)

Isaiah 59:1-21  The prophet catalogs the wicked and sinful actions that have seperated the people of Judah from the Lord: lying, vanity and pride, killing innocent people, and rebellion against God.

Isaiah 60:1-22   Isaiah 61:1-11   Isaiah 62:1-12    In these three chapters, Isaiah gives us a glimpse of the future glory of Jerusalem.  God will take delight in His people.  They will shine like a beacon of righteousness, drawing all nations of the earth to bow before the Lord.  Jesus quoted from Isaiah 61:1-2  when He identified Himself as the Messiah who had been sent by God “to preach good tidings unto the meek…to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives” (v. 1; see Luke 4:18-19).

Isaiah 63:1-19  Isaiah 64:1-12   But before these blessings fall upon God’s people, He must punish them for their sin and rebellion.  This leads Isaiah to offer a beautiful prayer that God will uphold and sustain them during their days of trouble and suffering  (2 Kings 251-12).

Isaiah 65:1-25  Isaiah 66:1-24   Isaiah ends his book by drawing a contrast between two different destines.  Total destruction awaits those who continue in their sin and refuse to turn to God.  But a life of joy and peace is the destiny of those who follow the Lord.

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