Jan 16 2008

Hello World! What are Great Outdoor Blessings?

Welcome Dear Friends! We are so glad that you are visiting us on this internet site. “Great Outdoor Blessings” is a ministry intended to demonstrate GOD’s love, forgiveness, grace, and hope with particular emphasis on Recreational Vehicle campers (RVers). We meet Motorhome campers, Travel Trailer campers, Fifth Wheel campers and Tent campers on campgrounds throughout these United States of America from Mississippi to Montana and beyond. This site is a Christian-based website written, designed, and maintained for the Glory of our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. The author feels very strongly that he is blessed by GOD in order to be a blessing to others. “Blessed To Be A Blessing” comes from GOD’s Holy Bible in Genesis 12:2. In this scripture, GOD speaks to Abram saying “….I will bless you….. and you will be a blessing (to others).”

What is a Great Outdoor Blessing?

In the eyes of the believer, there is no such thing as “luck”.  We should phrase this as “Blessing” or “Being Blessed”.  Instead of saying “I was lucky to avoid all of that traffic”, we might say “I was blessed to avoid all that traffic”.  Instead of saying “with some luck we will leave early and get the very best campsite”, we should say “we will be blessed to leave early and get the best campsite”. Instead of saying “I was lucky to be able to get out of the bed this morning”, we should say “I was blessed just to get out of the bed this morning”.  I think you see the picture.

 So what are Great Outdoor Blessings?  Outdoor Blessings are GOD’s handy-work.  Outdoor Blessings are from our Creator which He gives so freely.  Here are examples as I see them:

1.  The love and respect between a husband and wife at home and in the Great Outdoors.

2.  Seeing a white dove flying over Sue Lake in Montana.



3.  Seeing a moose with snow-capped mountains in the background in Alaska.


4.  Seeing a moose or a grizzly in Glacier National Park or a buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.moose-at-glacier-national-park.jpgmoose-at-glacier-national-park.jpgmoose-at-glacier-national-park.jpg images1_edited.jpgimages1_edited.jpgimages1_edited.jpgimages1_edited.jpgimages1_edited.jpg  buffalo.jpg   bearcan_11.jpg

 5.  Fly-fishing on the Madison River in Montana or catching big rainbows on Monster Lake near Cody, Wyoming.  



anglersonrivermadisonraft1.jpg         tomboatriver1.jpg     2007_madisonrivergorge21.jpg

6.  Rafting the Snake River along the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.




7.  Standing at the North or the South Rim of the Grand Canyon looking at God’s beauty.

d74981.jpg                canyon2_snap_011.jpg         

8.  Waking up on a cool and crisp morning at your favorite campground site with hot coffee in one hand and your opened Bible in the other hand reading from GOD’s Word.




9.  Seeing  El Capitan, The Falls, and Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park.


el-capitan-yosemite.jpg          upperyosemitel1.jpg        pic00691.jpg

But, #10 is the GREATEST OUTDOOR BLESSING above all blessings.  It is a saving, forgiving, loving acceptance of JESUS CHRIST.  Jesus Saves!  This my dear Brother and Sister is the Greatest of 

Great Outdoor Blessings.j0407485.jpg

Tent Camp in Glacier Park, Montana 






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