Mar 12 2008

“Campin’ Kitties” – Their First Camping Trip

Campin’ Kitties – Their First Camping Trip

Prissye and Pete were not “Happy Campers” at the beginning of their first camping trip.  We loaded them up and strapped them into their travel-carriers and down I-55 South we went. Pete handled the trip fairly well.  Prissye meowed every mile of the entire trip.  She wanted out of that carrier and into her Mama’s lap.  Finally we arrived at Percy Quin State Park in McComb, Mississippi.  Our campsite was right on the shores of Lake Tangipahoa (about 700 acres) within the State Park.  Our cats were in for a new experience. After setting up the motorhome we freed the “campin’ kitties” from the captivity of their travel-carriers and the seat-belts that tied them down. We had already prepared their litter box so we pointed them in the right direction.  Then it was time for something to eat and fresh water.  We did not feed them or let them have water during the trip because we did not know how they would handle motion sickness.  We were prepared to make ice chips available to them should motion sickness become a factor.  Ice chips are recommended by KOA for traveling with your pets.  Fortunately our cats did not need this remedy.  You cat owners know what was next…it was time to explore their new surrounddcp00589.JPGings for the next five days.  The two new beds we bought for them were never used.  They only wanted to sleep right beside their beds on the couch or either on the bed in the bedroom.  They were really anticipating a great first night of camping.  The next several days were pure pleasure for us.  Prissye and Pete slept most of the day, ate and drank water freely and explored more and more.  One of their favorite places was in the big window of the windshield of the motorhome where the sun shines in bright and warm.  They overdosed each day on absorption of their Vitamin D in the sun on the dash.  As you can tell from the picture, the camping trip wore them out.  The trip home was peaceful and non-eventful.  They were ready to get home.  We can’t wait for the next trip when we take them into the “Great Outdoors”.                                             

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