May 15 2008

SOUL Food – The Most Important Recipe Ever!


written by John and Rita Williams

This is the most important recipe that you will find anywhere.  It has specific guidelines and must be followed step by step.  This recipe is over two-thousand years old.  It was and is today a recipe that will change your life right before your eyes.  It is not grilled, not fried, not baked, not broiled and not heated.  As a matter of fact it comes with a special “fire insurance policy” guaranteeing it will not burn.  The ingredients have been carefully measured and mixed according to a plan.  When preparing be very careful to add the exact amount and believe in your heart that the final result will be “heavenly”.  You will want to share this recipe with all of your friends and family.

It’s easy so let’s get started!


1 tablespoon of “Admission of Sin”, 1 cup of “Cannot Save Myself”, 1 cup of “Died on a Cross”, 1 tablespoonful of “Payment of my Sin-Debt”, 1 teaspoon of “Rose from the Grave”, 1 cup of “Repentance”, 1 cup of “I Ask you to Live in My Heart”, 1 large serving of “Jesus, Son of GOD”, 1 quart of “Salvation”.

1 cup of “Love”, 1 cup of “Joy”, 1 cup of “Peace”, 1 cup of “Patience”, 1 cup of “Kindness”, 1 cup of “Goodness”, and 1 cup of “Faithfulness”.


Combine “Admit that you are a Sinner” with the fact that “You cannot Save Yourself”.  Slowly add that you know that “Jesus died on a Cross” and sprinkle in “For Payment of my SIn-Debt”.  Pour in that you believe that Jesus “Rose from the Grave” three days later and stir in slowly your “Repentance” of sin and that you are asking Jesus “to Live within your Heart”.  Lastly, cover with a big thank you to “Jesus, the Son of GOD” for giving you eternal “Salvation”.

Mix in your heart all of the fruit of the spirit that you have before you.  Stir and Mix “Love”, “Joy”, “Peace”, “Patience”, “Kindness”, “Goodness” and “Faithfulness”.  Serve with your Salvation and your new and fresh walk with GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit.

Share this Recipe for Eternal Life with your family and friends!

Servings:  All mankind

Prep Time:  Eternally





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