Mar 16 2008

Montana Grizzly Bears…..How Much Do You Really Know?

In Montana, people are blessed to have such a magnificent animal – the grizzly bear. On a good day in one of the parks orbearcan_11.jpg in the forest – and from the safety of your automobile or a healthy distance – you just might catch a glimpse of one, an experience of a lifetime for many of us.  Here is a “Griz Quiz” for you.  Take the quiz then read the “Griz Facts” for your answers.  How much do you really know about Montana Grizzly Bears?

“Griz Quiz”

How many grizzlies roam Montana?

A.  five or six  B.  50-60  C.  500-600  D.  5,000-6,000

The grizzly mostly eats 

A.  Mississippi State Bulldog fans  B.  Elk or deer   C.  Arkansas Razorback fans  D.  Plants and fruits      grizzly.jpg

Grizzly births are usually: 

A.  Single births  B.  Twins  C.  Triplets  D.  Quads

The grizzly can’t climb trees:

A.  more than 10 feet  B.  more than 20 feet  C.  more than 30 feet  D.  at all

When a grizzly stands up:

A.  It’s after you…run like the wind  B.  It’s 6-8 feet tall  C.  It’s getting a better view  D.  both B and C

How many grizzly bears are in North America?

A.  3,500  B. 35,000  C.  100,000  D. a million

Grizzly sexes are:

A.  Bull and doe  B.  Bull and cow  C.  Boar and sow  D. other

The females give birth and nurse in a den without eating, drinking or eliminating waste for:

A.  three or four weeks  B.  three or four months  C.  five or six weeks  D.  five or six months

If a bear attacks at night when you are in a tent,

A.  it is looking for a snack of trail mix  B.  it is looking for Don Denton  C.  fight back vigorously  D.  play dead

Except while hunting, your best defense in the woods is to     

A.  make a lot of noise  B.  Carry bear spray  C.  Pray a lot  D.  travel with a slow companion 

“Griz Facts”                                                                                                                                                       grizzly-bear.jpg                                                                                                                 

How’d you do on the quiz?  Here are the answers.  

Scientists estimate that 500 to 600 grizzlies roam Montana, eating mostly plants and fruits the year round.  Of course winter-killed game is popular among bears, and you always hear about the attacks on livestock, pets and people.  Speaking of which, people have a part to play in not putting out foods that attract bears.  Pet foods, bird feed and garbage can bring bears into contact with people.  Often that means the bear will have to be killed.

Bears usually bear twins.  Triplets are not uncommon.  When bears stand to their full height of 6-8 feet tall, it’s not a sign of aggression, just a move to get a better view.  And this might be a good point to mention that you should never run from bears, because running triggers a predator’s chase response.  Sorry to disabuse you of the myth that it is safe to climb a tree, but grizzlies can reach 10 feet into a tree without climbing and can climb some trees up to 20 feet.  Oh, and if the tree is only 20 feet tall, the bear could shake you out of it anyhow.  North American grizzly estimates, including Canada and Alaska, come to 35,000.  More than 100,000 grizzlies are found in Asia.

We call them the boar and sow – no wonder they always seem to be angry.  Not to make you queasy, but the sow in birth years dens for five to six months.  If a bear attacks your tent at night, it’s looking for food, and you are in no position to serve a nice dish of trail mix.  Fight as if your life depended on it, because it probably does.  By day, grizzly attacks are usually by threatened bears, and as a last resort, you could play dead, but don’t forget to pray.  Bears will avoid human contact, so if you make enough noise…then again, it’s conceivable that a bear can be hungry by day, too.  Always carry bear spray into the woods.  As a last resort, you won’t have to outrun a bear if you take a companion that you can outrun.

       from RURAL MONTANA MAGAZINE March2008

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