Jan 28 2008

Hot Coffee is Still 10 cents a Cup and Refills are Free!

When you are RVing to Canada through the great State of Montana stop in and visit Sykes’ Restaurant, Grocery, and Pharmacy in Kalispell, Montana.  Doug Wise is 90 years young.  He started working there as a teenager , then took over the market and lunch counter in 1945.  Judy Wise started working there in 1950.  She fell in love with the owner and they have been married almost 58 years now.  Judy, 79, says that there are no plans for retirement.  There are no plans to change the price of coffee either.  It will stay 10 cents as long as Wise has anything to do with it.  Even at age 90, Doug comes into work at 4:00 AM to prep the kitchen and get ready for the day’s business.  Sykes’ is community minded.  The store makes grocery runs to housebound individuals every Monday and Friday.  For the past 25 years, they have hosted a free community Thanksgiving meal.  Meals are delivered to those housebound individuals as well.  I have eaten there many times and enjoyed the good hot coffee as well.  I want to let you know also that all pies are baked daily.

Sykes\' Restaurant & Market Kalispell, MT                                                          A dime for coffee?  How can that be?

Sykes\' Restaurant in Kalispell, MT

We visited with Doug and Judy Wise on April 4, ’08 at Sykes’ Restaurant in Kalispell, MT and were saddened to hear that Sykes’ is up for sale.  The pending sale of the landmark and the potential closure will truly be the end of an era.  I hope that new owners will keep it open and “treat everyone like family” as Doug and Judy have done throughout the years.  Doug and Judy were so gracious during our time spent with them.  We wish them well and will miss them all the way from Mississippi.  Please see our pictures below.


John Williams, Doug Wise, and Judy Wise Sykes\' Grocery & Market    John Williams with Doug & Judy Wise owners of Sykes\'







Judy catches up on news from Mississippi     


Here\'s that 10 cents coffee!




Update on November 3, 2008:

Sykes’ coffee will stay at 10 cents with all the refills of coffee you can drink according to new owner Mr. Mike McFarland.  I went by Sykes’ for a visit today and found out that Doug and Judy sold Sykes’ just a few weeks ago.  While I was visiting with Mr. McFarland, Miss Judy came in and sat with us.  She did not remember our visit in April.  Miss Judy looked just as pretty as she did in April.  I was told that Doug still comes in at 6:00 AM but in a different capacity.  Mr. McFarland says he will make only a few minor changes but he would never change the atmosphere of Sykes’ in Kalispell, Montana. 

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